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Leamington Taxi is the only cab company in Leamington Ontario that uses GPS in its dispatch system. We are able to know the nearest taxi cab to the caller, and we can tell how long to that taxi to take to get the caller. It has been difficult and hard getting GPS working but now it is working perfectly. It will be nice to have it. Leamington Taxi has 17 taxies servicing the Town of Leamington and surrounding areas daily and operates 24/7. Our service also includes long-distance such as Detroit, Windsor, Chatham, London, Toronto and more at a low, competetive price.There's a reason we're called best taxi in Leamington, our committed goal is to be customer satisfaction, quick, safety, clean, trustworthy taxi services. Our taxicabs are licensed in Leamington, open 24/7 a week 365 days a year No matter what is weather look like hot, cold, snow, rain, windy? We will be there for you. Our taxies must be clean every day.
We also provide the following services:
- Monthly Accounts for farm workers, WSIB and insurance providers
- Taxi Service for special events (weddings, holiday parties, etc).
- Designated Driver Program.
- Courier Services for Businesses who need speedy delivery
- We also provide delivery service for fast food, flowers and medicine etc.
As an added convenience, you can book and pay for your trip online by clicking on the PayPal picture on left side of this page and complete your order. Please note that there is a slight price difference from our regular rates due to administration charges.

We are best Taxi Service in town of Leamington